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Save Yourself from Summer Accidents

There is an uptick in auto accidents in the summertime because of more travel, distracted drivers, drunk drivers, and inexperienced drivers. But other types of summer accidents can be just as dangerous and even deadly. Find out when and where to watch your behavior – and the behavior of others – so you can stay safe this summer.

Bicycle Accidents

Nothing brings cyclists out more than warm weather. And nothing brings out a motorist’s temper more than a bicyclist who is in his or her way. Try to approach the two-wheeled folks who share the road with you in a different way this year – with understanding and acceptance.

Part of the problem when it comes to bike accidents is that motorists are unhappy about the mere presence of bicyclists. This summer, do your best to follow the law and make room for cyclists. Don’t crowd them, pass at a safe distance of at least three feet to the left of the bicycle, and always use caution. And if you’re the cyclist, follow the rules of the road, just as though you’re behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Motorcycle Accidents

For motorcyclists, there is nothing quite like a long, leisurely drive on a summer day. Unfortunately, the motorists around you may not feel so sweet about your plans. If you’re taking your time on the highway and slowing down traffic, you won’t make any friends – you’ll also put yourself in danger of being on the receiving end of impatient drivers with road rage.

If you’re operating a motorcycle, follow the rules of the road, don’t hotdog in and around vehicles, wear a helmet and safety gear, and be aware of your surroundings. Yes, it’s a motorist’s job to look out for you, but you’re a licensed driver too and you also have laws to follow when you’re out and about.

Pedestrian Accidents

People who might dislike any other type of exercise find that walking suits them in the summertime. Pedestrian numbers may also be up depending on where you live because of tourist attractions. And with mask restrictions lifting and more places being open, people will be out and about for a long-awaited summer.

The pedestrian population has grown in major cities and it continues to grow, whether people are on a fitness kick, trying to minimize their carbon footprint, or taking advantage of public transportation. Keep careful watch for people on foot, especially those who are on their smartphones and distracted while walking. And if you’re the one walking, put that phone away and take note of your surroundings.

Boat Accidents

It’s hard to resist the many Michigan waterways in summertime. Water enthusiasts head to their favorite destinations and get on the boats, jet skis, and kayaks. But waterways are just as dangerous as roadways if you’re not careful about who’s operating a water vehicle and what condition they’re in.

Avoid distracted driving of a water motor vehicle, don’t drink before operating a boat, and take all safety precautions, like wearing life vests and checking water and weather conditions. Don’t overestimate your experience or ability – and don’t assume that all the people around you are operating at maximum capacity either. Defensive driving on the water is necessary to help you avoid a boat accident and stay safe.

Enjoy your summer, be sensible, and practice safety whenever you’re operating a vehicle – either on the road, off road, or on the water. If you are involved in a summer accident, contact Femminineo Attorneys in Mt. Clemens, MI, to discuss your case.

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