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Trucking or Commercial Liability Accidents – Is There a Difference?

Accidents that involve big trucks tend to result in some of the highest impact crashes in the State of Michigan and nationally every year.

According to the US Department of Transportation, there were approximately 500,000 trucking accidents nationwide in 2022. Of those accidents there were approximately 5000 fatal truck crashes in 2022.

As anyone who lives in Michigan knows, Michigan has very heavy truck traffic. According to statistics from the Michigan State Police, in 2022 they were approximately 15,000 accidents that involved commercial vehicles/trucks. Of those accidents, there were more than 100 fatalities.

Trucking Accidents Versus Commercial Liability Accidents…Is There a Difference?

Trucking accidents generally refer to accidents that involve large trucks.  Large trucks can include box trucks, flatbed trucks, semi trucks, cargo vehicles, automobile haulers, flammable material transport vehicles, concrete mixers, garbage trucks and delivery vehicles.  The term commercial vehicle refers to large trucks plus any other vehicle that is being driven by an employee of a corporation for commercial or business purposes.  This can include vehicles of any size including landscaping vehicles, small delivery vehicles, tow trucks, mail trucks etc.  Trucking and Commercial vehicles are required, in many instances, to carry larger amounts of insurance due to the fact that they have the capability of causing larger and more severe accidents.

Trucking companies who operate in Michigan must meet certain obligations in order to operate safely. First, they must hire drivers who have shown a history of proper driving. Next, trucking companies must hire drivers with proper licenses that are required in the state of Michigan to operate properly.  As an example, in order for a truck driver to operate a semi truck, they must have specific endorsements on their license in order to drive legally. Trucking companies must also reprimand and terminate drivers who fail to comply with local safety rules, and/or obligations. Failure to do any of the above are signs of negligence or negligent operation on the part of the trucking company.

New Laws for Securing Cargo

Since trucking companies are in the business of hauling objects from one location to another, the securing of the cargo is of imminent importance.  Trucks that have their load shift during transport or trucks that lose all or part of their load onto the road are a major source of tragic accidents ever day in Michigan and nationwide.   Under new federal regulations, trucking companies are required to make sure that their cargo is secure enough to withstand certain levels of acceleration and deceleration pressure.  This new regulation is designed to require trucking companies to add additional tie downs or other load securing equipment to prevent load loss onto the roadway.

How Do You Prove Your Trucking or Commercial Liability Case?

The key to proving a trucking accident case is immediate investigation. Proper and immediate inspection of  the vehicles involved in the accident, including and especially the truck involved in the accident preserves the evidence that will be necessary to prove your case.  Additionally, the records of the driver must also be obtained immediately. These records include but are not limited to his or her driving record, medical records and employment records. These items provide key evidence that will help us prove your case.

Don’t Wait!!

Following a trucking accident, the trucking company may seek to destroy evidence which includes, but is not limited to the truck involved in the accident itself as well as the records of the driver. Trucking companies know where they have cut corners and where they can be held liable. It is important to preserve the evidence immediately before it disappears.

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