They Paid.

For over 25 years David and his team have represented the victims of personal injury accident claims. Femminineo Law has a dedicated team of trial lawyers ready to take on the large insurance companies with the means to litigate and recover damages for the severely injured. Here are a few of our recent case results for clients that were injured.

$5 Million Dollar Settlement

Our client was the innocent victim of the mass shooting on the MSU campus that took place in February, 2023. Proper governmental notices were filed and negotiations ensued. Finally, after 9 months of negotiation, a resolution was reached.

$11.5 Million Dollar Settlement

Our client was a child when his tragic accident occurred.  He suffered a catastrophic brain injury and he has required 24/7 care since the day of the accident.  This settlement represented a resolution of all claims moving forward.  It provides for the care of our client for the remainder of his life with the amounts that the family will be paid increasing over time with regular upward adjustments in pay moving forward.  This resolution provided the family with the security that they were looking for so that they could rest knowing that their son would be taken care of for the rest of his life.

$3.5 Million Dollar Settlement

Our client was innocently driving to work at 6:00am on a dark morning.  A tractor trailer beer truck suddenly turned directly into her path as the truck was turning into the distributor.  Surveillance footage captured the accident and liability was ultimately admitted.  Our client sustained a tremendous brain injury and she was ultimately unable to care for her husband during the last months of his life due to her injuries from the accident.  Additionally, she has been unable to recall any memories from her childhood including any memories of her deceased parents.

$2.8 Million Dollar Jury Verdict

Our client was caused to run into the rear end of a commercial truck who had improperly entered our client’s lane in an effort to get to the next exit.  Liability was hotly contested and no effort was made by the insurance company of the commercial vehicle to resolve the claim.  At trial, we aggressively argued that our client was not the cause of the accident and that, instead, it was the improper lane use of the commercial truck that caused the wreck.  We, of course, prevailed.

$2.15 Million Dollar Settlement

Our client was killed by an employee of the city when that individual turned left directly into the path of Plaintiff’s motorcycle.  There was clear footage of the accident yet the defendant insisted that our client was speeding on his motorcycle and had marijuana in his system thereby contributing to the cause of the accident.  After a three year battle, and on the eve of trial, the defendant city paid.

$2.0 Million Dollar Settlement

Our client’s husband was killed when a fellow employee struck him with a car, resulting in his immediate death.  The driver who caused the accident did not know how to operate a manual transmission.  When he tried to start the car, he jumped the clutch resulting in the crushing death of our client’s husband.  Due to the complexity of Michigan Law, this case was rejected by 9 other law firms.  We bravely took on this case and proved our case for the benefit of our client and her young children.

$1.715 Million Dollar Settlement

Our client was the back seat passenger on her way home from a wedding reception.  Her vehicle’s driver properly slowed down and stopped for an EMS vehicle that was coming towards her from the opposite direction.  In doing so, Plaintiff’s vehicle was rear ended by another EMS vehicle who failed to stop.  Our client sustained fractures throughout her back resulting in multiple surgeries and long in-patient hospitalizations.

$1.4 Million Dollar Settlement

Our client was on his way to work on a 29 degree late November morning.  Suddenly, and without warning, our client encountered an icy/frozen area of cement.  The unexpected ice caused our client to lose control of his vehicle resulting in the accident.  After investigation, it was determined that a local construction company in the area was pumping water out of a hole and allowing the pumped water to be discharged onto the roadway resulting in the ice.  Our client underwent several back surgeries resulting in a permanent injury.

$1 Million Dollar Policy Limits Paid

Our client’s wife was killed instantly when her small passenger vehicle was hit directly on the driver’s side door by a large SUV who disregarded the traffic signal.  Surveillance footage was obtained and experts were hired to evaluate the footage.  Defendant admitted at his deposition that he had just left work after completing a double shift that went throughout the night prior to the accident.  Liability was ultimately admitted and policy limits were paid.

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