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personal injury lawsuit

Who Will Be Sued In Your Injury Case?

The legal system is confusing. After an injury accident, you may be wondering to yourself who is my attorney going to be suing?  That depends on several factors including what type of case you have, the facts and circumstances of your case and when your […]

Macomb County Truck Accident Attorney

Choosing the Best Truck Accident Attorney in Macomb County

Becoming the victim of a truck accident is traumatic and life-changing. Especially when serious injury or death is involved. If you or someone you love has recently found themselves in this painful situation in Macomb County, then you need a truck accident attorney who knows […]

macomb county car accident attorney

Top Questions to Ask a Macomb County Michigan Car Accident Attorney

The unfortunate fact is that many people can easily become the victim of an auto accident. Given the 500% increase in reported cases of road rage over the last 10 years, this isn’t surprising. Even so, if you or someone you love has recently become […]

summer driving tips

Warm Weather Driving Tips

For many people, the summer usually means vacations and summer road trips. Even though the road conditions can be seen as much easier to drive in during the summer compared to the colder seasons in Michigan, summer driving brings an abundance of challenges that many […]

law practice video conference

Video Conference and Injury Law Practice

As a practicing injury attorney for almost 30 years, I would say that the most significant change that has taken place in that 30 year period is the proliferation of video conferencing. For the first 25 years of my career, every single court hearing, status […]

mistakes testifying

Three Most Common Mistakes Witnesses Make When Testifying

After almost 30 years of sitting through endless depositions, I have become very opinionated as to what makes a good and a bad witness. Cases can be made or broken by how you testify in a deposition. After all, the deposition is an opportunity for […]

Bankruptcy from auto accident

Bankruptcy After an Auto Accident

Following an auto accident, your auto insurance company owes you certain benefits. Two of the most critical benefits to your financial survivor are the payment of wage loss benefits and the payment of your medical bills. If either of these benefits are not being paid […]

Police Report

Filing a Police Report Following an Auto Accident

“Do we need to file a police reporter? Should we just go?” This is a very common question that arises following an automobile accident. The fact of the matter is that a police report is a very key piece of evidence that is necessary or […]

Holiday Driving Tips

Holiday Driving Tips

The holiday season is a time filled with joy, family time and good tidings. For most people, being able to enjoy these things requires an abundance of travel. Depending on what part of the country you live in, driving during the holiday season can present […]

Ride Share Passenger Accident

Your Rights Following a Rideshare Auto Accident

You were just doing the right thing. You made the choice to be safe and let someone else do the driving. You chose to utilize one of the rideshare services such as Uber or Lyft. During that Uber or Lyft drive an automobile accident happened […]

Winter Driving Tips

Winter Driving Tips: How to Safety Warm Up Your Car

Whether you have attached or detached garage, it is important to recognize the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning from running or warming up your car inside of your garage. It Is Certainly Tempting We all want our car to be warm when we get into […]

Rules of Roundabouts

Rules of The Road: Roundabouts

Roundabouts are designed to slow traffic and decrease hard left and right turns. In doing so, roundabouts are supposed to decrease crashes. More importantly, roundabouts are designed to decrease high impact crashes. Frankly, they do just that. When a traditional intersection is converted to a […]

Road Rage

The Multiple Dangers of Road Rage

Road rage comes in all different shapes and sizes. Whether it is a parking lot disagreement over a parking space or a high speed brake checking major highway incident, road rage is very dangerous. Michigan road rage accidents are on the rise and there is […]

Be a Good Witness

10 Tips for How to Make a Good Witness When Testifying at a Deposition or Trial

If you are the party who has been injured and is bringing the lawsuit, you will most certainly be called upon to testify in a deposition or in open court (if you are at the trial stage).  You will be asked about the following topics: […]

David Femminineo

The Expert Witness Your Will Need When Filing a Semi-Truck Accident Case

Every single auto accident case is different. However, auto accidents that involve semi trucks bring a whole host of different issues that your attorney must be prepared to address. If your attorney does not have the requisite experience for handling major trucking accident cases, this […]

Passenger Rights

The Rights of An Injured Passenger Following An Auto Accident

As a passenger in a car, you are putting your life into the hands of your driver. It is easy to assume that an accident will not happen. However, when an accident does happen, the injured passenger in an automobile accident has certain rights. Basic […]

Dog Bites Michigan

Michigan Dog Bites by The Numbers

Unfortunately, dog bites are overwhelmingly common in the state of Michigan. In fact, Ingham County Animal Control reported over 600 dog bite reports just in Ingham County in 2022 alone. Furthermore, according to the US Postal Service, Michigan ranks eighth in the nation for most […]

Commercial Truck

Trucking or Commercial Liability Accidents – Is There a Difference?

Accidents that involve big trucks tend to result in some of the highest impact crashes in the State of Michigan and nationally every year. According to the US Department of Transportation, there were approximately 500,000 trucking accidents nationwide in 2022. Of those accidents there were […]

Attorney Fee Calculated

How Is An Attorney Fee Determined In A Michigan Personal Injury Case?

The phrases is most commonly used by injury attorneys that describe their fee in an injury case are as follows: “contingent fee” “we don’t get paid until you get paid” “no results, no fee” “no fee guarantee” What do these phrases mean and do they […]

Slip and Fall Case

Slip or Trip and Fall – Do I Now Have a Case?

On July 28, 2023, the Michigan Supreme Court announced its decision on two premises liability cases, Kandil-Elsayed v F&E Oil and Pinsky v Kroger.  The decisions in these two cases present a landmark change in Michigan premises liability law. Prior to the announcement of the […]

Personal Injury Lawsuit Stages

What Are The Stages of My Personal Injury Lawsuit?

After you have been injured in an automobile, truck or motorcycle accident, you may wonder what the next steps may entail. If the accident was not your fault, you can expect the following basic steps to act as a general guideline for the process of […]

Jury Trial Case

Will My Case Go To a Jury Trial?

Jury trials are certainly stressful for all of the parties involved in the litigation. Jury trials often take at least one week and sometimes even many weeks. If you are the injured party bringing the lawsuit you will be called the stand to testify about […]

Hit and Run Accident

Hit and Run Accidents – What To Do?

After an accident, it is against the law for a driver of a vehicle involved in an accident to leave the scene of the accident.  MCL257.618(1) states as follows: “the driver of a vehicle, who knows, or who has reasons to believe that he has […]

Facilitation Day

What is Facilitation and How to Prepare for Facilitation

You may be wondering when your case will ever end. One of the most common ways that a lawsuit ends is through a process called facilitation. The dictionary definition of a facilitation is “the process of making something possible or easier“.  (Courtesy of Cambridge Dictionary) […]


Don’t Fall for the Progressive Insurance “Buy Out” Tricks

You have been involved in an accident and that accident was very severe. You may not have any broken bones but you are sore. You don’t feel right and you are just trying to get yourself back together after your accident. Now, your insurance company, […]


Dog Bite Liability in Michigan

Generally, a dog owner in Michigan is strictly liable for a dog bite that occurs regardless of whether it occurs on the premises of the dog owner.. Michigan law states: “If a dog bites a person, without provocation, while the person is on public property, […]

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day and Auto Accidents

For many, St. Patrick’s Day is a day of revelry and celebration.  Unfortunately, the revelry and celebration often centers around heavy alcohol intoxication.  Often, this intoxication begins early in the day and leads to the all too familiar dangers of drunk driving.  In fact, drunk […]

Femminineo Attorneys

We Never Stop Fighting – Client is Paid $350,000 After Case is Thrown Out of Court Twice!!!

Prior to his trip and fall, our client, Jeff was a 57 year old successful salesperson and a well respected high school basketball coach.  He had been working and coaching basketball his entire life.  He was married with grown children.  All was going exactly as […]

insuring friends and family

The Dangers of Insuring Family Members or Friends: Fraud

It started off innocently enough. Your 16 year old child has just obtained his or her drivers license and he or she is living with you.  You buy a car and now it’s time to get insurance. First and Foremost If you have a child […]

Deposition Preparation

Deposition Preparation

You have filed your lawsuit and the defendants have been served. One of the next and most crucial steps will be the taking of your deposition. What is a Deposition? A deposition is the one and only chance that each of the defendant(s) get(s) to […]

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