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Car Accident with Postal Truck

What Happens When You Are Involved in an Accident with a U.S. Postal Service Worker or Another Worker for the U.S. Government

It is important to know that if you are involved in an accident with a postal worker or another agent of the U.S. Government (FBI, U.S. Marshal worker etc.) you should act the same way that you would after any accident.  Here are some steps […]

Medical Bills Auto Accident

What Are Your Rights After You Have Been Injured In An Automobile Accident In Michigan?

Michigan is known as a “no-fault” insurance state. As a result, you must look at two potential sources of recovery: Your own automobile insurance carrier The other driver and their automobile insurance carrier What Are My Rights Against My Automobile Insurance Company? In Michigan, you […]

Car Accident Damages

What Car Accident Damages am I Entitled to Against the At-Fault Driver in Michigan?

Under Michigan no-fault law, MCLA 500.3135, there are two main categories of damages that you are entitled to against the driver who caused your accident: #1 Economic Damages Economic damages are just as they are called…damages for your economic loss.  If you were employed on […]

medical bills from car accidents

You are Involved in a Michigan Auto Accident – Who Pays My Medical Bills?

Being involved in an automobile accident is scary enough.  The pain and mental anguish that goes along with being injured can be overwhelming.  Another major source of stress for victims of auto accidents in Michigan is the stress associated with the payment of the medical […]

causes of auto accidents

7 Common Causes of Auto Accidents

You take your life into your hands every time you get behind the wheel of your vehicle. There are so many risks when you’re driving, and even though you might be careful about every move you make, it’s impossible to trust that other drivers will […]

memorial day safety tips

Memorial Day Safety Tips: Avoid Personal Injury Accidents

Memorial Day is the official start of summer, and with that event comes plenty of long-weekend celebrations. Everyone is so excited to kick off the season, and to have three days in which to do it, that they try to pack in a whole ton […]

pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian Accidents: Deaths Continue to Rise

A new report by the Governors Highway Safety Association looks at the number of people killed while walking during the first six months of the past three years. Overall, from January 1 through June 30, pedestrian fatalities across the nation increased 17% (from 2,951 during […]

daylight savings time

Daylight Saving Time Leads to More Fatal Car Crashes

Daylight Saving Time (DST) will begin on Sunday, March 13. There are reasons to rejoice about this change, and reasons to lament. More sunshine and more daylight after a deep, dark, quarantined winter is something to look forward to. Unfortunately, losing an hour of sleep […]

drunk and distracted driving

Spread Love, Not Car Crashes: Stop the 3 Ds Now

If you want to protect yourself on the road, protect the ones you love, and keep those around you safe, commit yourself to avoiding the three Ds: drunk driving, distracted driving, and drowsy driving. Any one of these situations can lead to car crashes, fatalities, and […]

women in car crashes

Why Women Are More Likely to Die in a Crash

Cars are made specifically for adults. But are they made equally for men and women? According to research gathered by A Mighty Girl, female drivers are 73% more likely than male drivers to be severely injured in a car crash and 17% more likely to […]

auto accidents during New Years

Avoid an Auto Accident During the New Year’s Holiday Period

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are high-risk holidays for auto accidents. Drinking and celebrating – then getting behind the wheel afterward instead of staying in one place – is a recipe for potentially fatal crashes. But the risk of New Year’s accidents last much […]

holiday drinking and driving

The Danger of Car Accidents on Blackout Wednesday

Blackout Wednesday has officially become a thing. And it’s not a good thing. Thanksgiving Eve has always been a time of togetherness, when kids come home from college, families get into town, and busy adults know they’ll finally have a day off work. It’s a […]

distracted driving halloween

Prevent Distracted Driving on Halloween

There is no way around it – Halloween is one seriously distracting night of the year. We all know this. There will be people in the streets, crossing the street, and wearing costumes so dark you can barely see them. While pedestrians have their own […]

causes of bicycle accidents

4 Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

The number of bicyclists on Michigan roads has increased exponentially thanks to a culture that is more eco-conscious and health-conscious than ever. The reduced emissions and increased calorie burns are excellent but with the good comes the bad. There is not always enough infrastructure to […]

school bus pedestrian accidents

Back to School Safety: Avoid Car and Pedestrian Accidents

Most kids are going back to school in person this fall. This fact also means that school buses are running their regular routes and plenty of kids are standing at bus stops or making the trek to school on foot or by bicycle. It’s easy […]

summer boating accidents

Ahoy! 3 Ways to Avoid Summer Boating Accidents

Michigan is home to 11,000 inland lakes and about 1 million registered boaters. That’s a lot of boats, and a lot of people, not to mention their passengers. In this time of COVID, when many are seeking outdoor activities that allow them to socialize and […]

protect kids from car accidents

6 Ways to Protect Your Kids from Car Accidents

Cars are dangerous for all of us. But, if used with care, they can keep our families safe and protected. Unfortunately, too many kids succumb to the dangers of cars every year, especially in the summer months when they get a little bored and start […]

summer accidents

Save Yourself from Summer Accidents

There is an uptick in auto accidents in the summertime because of more travel, distracted drivers, drunk drivers, and inexperienced drivers. But other types of summer accidents can be just as dangerous and even deadly. Find out when and where to watch your behavior – […]

teen drivers

Prepare Your Teen Drivers for Prom and Graduation Season

Every spring is a time of celebration for older teens because with the end of the school year comes prom and graduation. Unfortunately, these milestones are often accompanied by car crashes, which are still the leading cause of teen deaths. Take the time now to […]

distracted drivers

Distracted Drivers Are Lucky If They Haven’t Been in a Car Crash

Drunk driving is an epidemic, but it’s not the only major problem on Michigan roads. Distracted driving has become just as pervasive – and deadly. Though some drivers have been lucky and avoided close calls and fatal car crashes, most do not. Unfortunately, knowing that […]

prevent drunk driving

4 Types of Impaired Driving That Lead to Car Crashes

Impaired driving can present in different ways. You may not think there is anything affecting your ability to drive if you haven’t taken a drink, consumed a drug, or are otherwise under the influence, but if you are feeling different in any way, then your […]

motorcycle accidents

Tips to Avoid Blind Spot Motorcycle Accidents

One of the most common refrains when someone is involved in a car accident with a motorcycle is this: “I didn’t see them.” It is your responsibility as a licensed driver to pay attention to all parts of the road and all motorists around you […]

safe driving resolutions

Avoid a Car Accident with 10 Resolutions for Safer Driving

If you haven’t made your New Year’s resolutions for 2021 yet – or even if you have – add these safe driving habits to the list. When you have goals for self-improvement as well as goals to help others, making good habits on the road […]

Thanksgiving car travel tips

Protect Your Family During Thanksgiving Travel in 2020

Over 55 million people traveled away from home during the holidays in 2019. This year, AAA projects that 50 million people still expect to travel, even though the CDC has recommended against Thanksgiving travel because of COVID-19. If you must travel in 2020 to see […]

Halloween Personal Injuries

5 Common Personal Injuries on Halloween

Halloween is fun, but it can also be chaotic, turning it into a dangerous holiday accompanied by an increased risk of injury. Without proper precautions, accidents happen, people get hurt, and a Michigan personal injury lawsuit can follow. 1. Pedestrian Accidents Michigan pedestrian accidents happen […]

Marijuana and car accidents

Driving While High in Michigan: Marijuana and Car Accidents

Both medical and recreational marijuana are legal in Michigan. However, consuming marijuana while driving or driving while under the influence of marijuana is illegal. There are many gray areas where cannabis and driving while intoxicated are concerned that can lead to tickets, arrests, and prosecution. […]

pedestrian deaths during covid

Increase in Pedestrian Deaths During COVID-19?

Michigan roads may be a little quieter and less heavily traveled because people are staying home during the coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn’t mean highways are any safer. The coronavirus is taking lives, and not all because of the disease itself. More people are leaving […]

dangerous summer activities

3 Dangerous Summer Water Activities in Michigan

Water enthusiasts are taking to Michigan waterways this summer to practice social distancing while still scratching their summer itch for fun in the sun. Overcrowded lakes and rivers, though, threaten these good intentions and boat accidents and water accidents occur far too often. Here are […]

construction zone car accidents

Summer Construction Work Zones and Car Crashes

Busy highways are dangerous places. So are rural roads. It’s every driver for themselves and, unfortunately, many of your fellow motorists are driving while texting, driving aggressively, driving drunk, or simply not paying attention to the task at hand. Add to this alarming situation a […]

teen car crashes

Preparing for the 100 Deadliest Days of Summer and Preventing Teen Car Crashes

This is the time of year when everyone wants to relax and enjoy the season, especially teens. It’s also a deadly time of year, because of teen drivers. The time period between Memorial Day and Labor Day is often referred to as the 100 Deadliest […]

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