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5 Common Personal Injuries on Halloween

Halloween is fun, but it can also be chaotic, turning it into a dangerous holiday accompanied by an increased risk of injury. Without proper precautions, accidents happen, people get hurt, and a Michigan personal injury lawsuit can follow.

1. Pedestrian Accidents

Michigan pedestrian accidents happen far too often on Halloween. Motorists must be even more cautious than usual to avoid a car crash, keeping an eye out for people crossing the street, kids running out into traffic, of pedestrians walking along the edge of the road. Even vehicles that are traveling slowly can cause severe damage to a person. SUVs are especially deadly in a pedestrian accident – to children and adults – because of their height and size.

Costumes can make it even harder to notice a pedestrian, especially if they are not wearing any glow necklaces or reflective tape or carrying a flashlight, and trick-or-treaters may also have compromised vision because of masks or complicated ensembles.

2. Drunk Driving Accidents

It’s no surprise that drunk driving accidents go up on Halloween. 2020 will be an even more terrifying year since the holiday falls on a Saturday and, even though social distancing is still in effect, people will be out to celebrate. And they’ll be getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

Distracted driving is a terror by itself and makes any drunk driver that much more dangerous. Looking out of the car window at decorations or trick-or treaters, checking your GPS, or trying to snap a photo or send a text while driving all lead to an increased risk of a car crash. You’re risking your own life, the lives of your passengers, pedestrians, and any other drivers on the road with these bad behaviors.

3. Slip and Fall Injuries

Slipping and falling is, unfortunately, a typical October 31 injury. Certainly, user error is a big cause of this problem – you don’t have to wear the costume with the long train, twisting cape, super high heels, or vision-impairing mask.

Tripping and falling can cause traumatic head injuries, broken bones, sprains, and more. If you are injured by an unsecured Halloween decoration, falling off a slippery sidewalk, or wobbling on an uneven walking surface, that’s dangerous. If you’re on someone’s property when the accident happens, the homeowner may be responsible for your injury.

4. Dog Bites

Pets can get a little frisky on Halloween. There are freaky costumes that get them worked up, incessant doorbells, talking decorations, spooky lights, and screaming children. It’s not unusual for any dog or cat to become anxious or aggressive. Keep all pets indoors and away from children and visitors, especially if they are prone to jumping or barking. Unusual activity and a desire to protect can turn even the sweetest dog vicious, leading to dog bites or even knocking someone to the ground.

5. Burn Injuries

Costumes are flammable – beards, masks, capes, and decorations are usually not flame-retardant. On Halloween there are candles, lights, and bonfires, and anything could happen if someone is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Malfunctions and mistakes can lead to severe personal injury.

If you or a loved one suffers a personal injury on Halloween, contact Femminineo Attorneys to understand your rights, especially if you encountered dangerous conditions on someone’s property or were the victim of negligence.

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