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Michigan Dog Bites by The Numbers

Unfortunately, dog bites are overwhelmingly common in the state of Michigan. In fact, Ingham County Animal Control reported over 600 dog bite reports just in Ingham County in 2022 alone. Furthermore, according to the US Postal Service, Michigan ranks eighth in the nation for most dogbite attacks on postal workers with Florida and Texas coming in first and second respectively.

Which Breeds Bite Most Frequently?

Certain dog breeds tend to have a reputation of viciousness and frequent dog bites. In fact, some insurance companies in Michigan will refuse to insure your home if certain dog breeds are present in the home as pets. The list may surprise you. The dog breeds with the most common dog bite frequency are as follows:

  1. Pit bull
  2. Rottweiler
  3. German shepherd
  4. Chihuahua
  5. Australian Shepard
  6. Bulldog

Where Are Dogs Likely to Bite You?

The location of a dog bite can vary greatly based upon the age of the victim. In adults, it is most common for dog bites to occur on the lower limbs because adults are taller and tend to be more cautious around animals. In contrast, young children are most often bit on the face and upper torso because of the child’s closeness to the dog’s face, as well as the fearlessness of the child, who tend to approach a dog’s face with their own face.

Michigan Dog Bite Strict Liability

In Michigan, you are strictly liable for the viciousness of your dog. If your dog bites another individual, you may be sued by that individual for the damages that arise from that dog bite. However, there are defenses to a dog bite lawsuit:

TRESSPASS: If you do not have permission to be on the premises of the dog owner, the dog owner may not be liable.  Please note… drivers, including the US postal service and UPS etc. have implied permission to walk onto your premises and are not considered trespassing.

PROVOCATION: If a dog is provoked to attached by violence or teasing of some sort, the dog owner may institute a defense of provocation and ask that the jury award zero damages as a result.

What Happens to a Dog That Bites?

In Michigan, if an animal control report is made, the dog owner may face legal implications including misdemeanor criminal charges. If the dog has a history of viciousness, or has been complained about previous to a dog bite incident, it is possible for the district court judge to order the animal to be put down. Additionally, homeowners who have dogs that bite will likely face repercussions from their homeowners insurance company. If a homeowners insurance company pays a loss as a result of the dog bite, they may be dropped from their homeowners insurance company until the dog is removed from the home.

What Can Be Recovered in a Dog Bite Lawsuit?

Dog bite lawsuits are personal injury lawsuits. If you are the victim of a dog bite, you may be entitled to recover for the pain and suffering that you go through as a result of the accident, as well as fright, shock, embarrassment, humiliation, depression and anxiety. Furthermore, you are entitled to compensation for your permanent disfigurement that occurs as a result of dog bite scarring. You are also entitled to reimbursement of any out-of-pocket medical bills/expenses.

The Lasting Implications of a Dog Bite

Often, dog bite victims face long lasting consequences of their attack from physical and mental standpoints. Victims of dog bites are often afraid to engage with dogs, even their own dogs, following a dog attack. These long lasting mental and physical consequences deserve maximum compensation and will be included as an element of your damages.

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