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Who Is Liable in Michigan Dog Bite Cases?

Dog bites or attacks by what the state of Michigan considers a “dangerous animal” can lead to permanent injury, disfigurement, psychological trauma, and, in extreme cases, death. If you have been a victim of an unprovoked dog bite or dog attack you are eligible for compensation.

The right Mt. Clemens & Metro-Detroit, Michigan, personal injury attorney will help you prove your dog bite case and reach a settlement for you or the loved one who has suffered physical or psychological damage because of a dog attack.

Michigan Dog Bite Law

Michigan dog bite law holds the attacking dog’s owner responsible for any injuries the animal may inflict upon an adult or child. An unprovoked attack that occurred on public property or lawfully on private property makes the owner of the dog liable.

Remember too that it need not be a dog “bite,” per se, that entitles you to compensation. Dogs can attack in other ways – by scratching or knocking you over. If injuries have resulted from an encounter with a dog – regardless of whether or not it has attacked in the past or has always been considered a docile animal – you have a case according to Michigan law.

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