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Auto Accidents Peak During the 100 Days of Summer

There’s a reason driver’s ed cars are marked as such – this identification provides other motorists with a red flag so they are fully aware of who is a new driver on the highway.

But licensed teens don’t drive around with signs on their cars saying, “New Driver on Board.” Sadly, the 100 days of summer between Memorial Day and Labor Day are the most dangerous and deadliest days for teen drivers… and for the people who share the road with them. It isn’t just texting or alcohol or drug abuse that lead to teen-caused auto accidents; inexperience, bravado, and the feeling of invincibility can all contribute to reckless driving and poor choices behind the wheel.

Seasoned drivers in Michigan, however, also contribute to the creation of hazardous summer highways. Major warm-weather holidays like the Fourth of July, combined with the consumption of more alcohol than usual, make this an accident-prone season. Fatigued drivers heading to faraway vacation destinations add their own brand of dangerous driving to the roads.

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