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Who’s At Fault for Your Auto Accident Injury?

Car accidents happen every day in the United States. And Macomb County, Michigan is no exception. If you’re struggling with a recent auto accident injury, you know this all too well.

Sometimes, there’s an obvious person at fault for an accident. This isn’t always the case though. And while Michigan is a no-fault state and all injured drivers are entitled coverage for medical treatment through their insurance company, you don’t want to leave your financial fate to them.

That’s why hiring an auto accident injury attorney is crucial.

What Is No-Fault?

As mentioned above, sometimes the reasons are obvious for an automotive accident, while at other times they’re not so clear-cut. No-fault was developed with this in mind. Michigan legislators created it to ensure that all injured drivers – even those who are clearly to blame – get the needed medical care for injuries and other damages such as wage loss, help around the house and replacement services. So rather than having to file a claim and argue for compensation through the courts, injured drivers have assurance that their medical bills, wage loss and help around the house are covered.

As well-intentioned as no-fault is, insurance companies are highly adept at reducing payouts and leaving victims of auto accidents financially vulnerable. Therefore, you want car accident lawyers are who are experienced and adept at helping injured claimants navigate insurance companies to get the justice they deserve.

And if your accident involved a truck, getting an auto accident injury attorney is even more important because trucking companies know all of the loopholes to avoid paying out as well. An auto accident lawyer knows these loopholes as well and how to manage cases against trucking companies.

Thus, having an experienced auto accident injury attorney in Macomb County with a proven history of payouts ensures that you get the best compensation available.

You Can’t Afford to Be Without Representation

It might seem that hiring a personal injury lawyer is too expensive. That is simply not true. Legitimate personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. That means you pay nothing upfront.

Attorney fees and costs will only be collected if (and when) they win your case. They also offer free case consultation with any potential fees negotiated and agreed upon before hiring. Some even provide a settlement calculator on their websites so you can get a sense of what you could potentially win. So you are really putting yourself at a much higher financial risk if you don’t work with a lawyer for your auto accident injury.

After all, it’s impossible to put a price on having a dedicated team of trial lawyers ready to take on the large insurance companies with the means to litigate and recover damages for you. 

But What If You Are At Fault For Your Auto Accident Injury?

If it’s clear that you caused your accident, you may feel inclined to skip getting legal representation. Why bother, right? Wrong. There are many reasons to hire a lawyer when you’re at fault.

First among them is getting legal help for your PIP (personal injury protection) claim. For instance, if your insurance company declines to cover the costs of your accident, a skilled lawyer can step up and work to help you through this difficult time. Because if you have kept up with paying monthly premiums on your insurance, insurance companies are in violation of Michigan Law and their own policy of insurance if they refuse to pay. This is called bad faith practices and lawyers know how to work with adjusters to get you paid.

It is only going to benefit you to have an experienced auto accident injury attorney in Macomb County who can thoroughly review your insurance policy. That way, he or she can ensure that your accident meets all the necessary requirements to be covered.

Looking for Auto Accident Representation in Macomb County?

Nobody deserves to suffer with an auto accident injury. Everyone does, however, deserve fair compensation.

So if you’re looking for top-of-the-line representation in Macomb County, contact us today to set up a free consultation with one of our highly experienced auto accident lawyers.

Justice is just a call or a click away.

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