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$450K Auto Negligence Settlement Facilitated by David Femminineo

David Femminineo’s client suffered painful neck and shoulder injuries as the result of a collision with a commercial vehicle on Macomb’s 23 Mile Road. Not only did the accident cause permanent physical injuries, it ultimately created financial stress for the plaintiff. He was able to work at his business for only one year following the accident before being placed on permanent disability by his doctors. Michigan Lawyers Weekly features this case for which Mr. Femminineo facilitated a $450K settlement.

Future economic loss analysis was the key to winning an adequate settlement for this third-party auto negligence case. With the plaintiff unable to operate his business because of his injuries, the enterprise became defunct. With his extensive experience in auto negligence lawsuits, Mr. Femminineo wisely secured the expertise of an economist from the start in order to ensure the plaintiff would receive an adequate settlement in this case.

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