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5 Things to Do If You Witness a Michigan Car Accident

Witnessing an auto accident is nearly as terrifying as being involved in a car accident. Whether you’ve seen a Michigan car crash happen before or this is your first experience, knowing what to do in such an emergency can help you stay calm. Being clear about the best course of action also makes it possible for you to help those involved in the accident while keeping yourself safe.

1. Pull Over and Stay Clear

If you’re a person who takes quick action, your first impulse may be to rush to the cars that have been involved in the accident to see how you can help. Try not to move too fast. Make sure your car is safe and secure first – safely pull over and turn on your hazard lights. Keep your distance. While the real world is different than the movies, fires and small explosions are possible in the most violent of wrecks.

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2. Call for Help

Once you have safely parked your vehicle, call 911. If other people are on the scene and have already approached the cars involved in the accident, they can provide you with information about the state those people are in. Otherwise, assess the situation from where you are and give the 911 operator as many details as possible along with your location.

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3. Wait for Help

If you believe that there is no danger posed to you at the scene of the accident, you may be tempted to try to help the victims of the car accident if they are still in their vehicles. Do not attempt to remove anyone who is seriously hurt from their vehicle – emergency personnel will be there within moments. Your efforts to help could do more harm than good, exacerbating injuries, especially those you cannot see.

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4. Give Your Statement

When EMTs and police arrive at the crash site, they will begin to seek out the witnesses of the accident. They will want to know what you saw, how the accident occurred, which ways the cars were going, and more. Offer up as much information as possible but do not make assumptions about another driver’s intentions if you are not completely sure about them. Tell the police what you know and be honest about what you did and did not see.

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5. Take Notes

Once you have left the scene of the accident and reached your destination, take a few moments to write down or record your account of the accident. If you were a witness interviewed by the police, or if you were one of the first people on the scene, you may find yourself being contacted by an insurance company or personal injury attorney. The car accident victims will be counting on your accurate testimony to help them secure the compensation they deserve for their troubles.

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