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7 Big Mistakes Motorists Make in the Car

When you get behind the wheel of your car, you don’t think about whether you’re a good driver, but you have every intention of traveling to your destination as safely as possible so you can avoid a car accident. However, there are plenty of bad behaviors that even the most conscientious motorists can and do make that put them at risk for a car crash.

1. Checking your phone at a stop light.

A two-minute break at a stop light may seem like the ideal time to grab your phone and check your messages. But two minutes is long enough for your brain to get rerouted in a different direction instead of staying on the task at hand – driving.

2. Taking photos.

Your hair might be on-point for a selfie. That sunset might be the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen. Attempting to get a picture means you’re looking at the site framed on your screen, instead of at the area, motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, and road around you.

3. Texting.

You’re not good at multitasking, no matter how much you believe you are. You’re especially not good at multitasking while driving, and that includes texting or emailing. Distracted driving is a deadly epidemic, and no matter how adept you are at typing quickly and sending your messages on their way in record time, those few seconds of not paying attention to the road could mean disaster.

4. Eating.

You may have the technique perfected – coffee in the drink holder, sandwich in your lap, dipping sauces in the console. No matter how tried and true your eating methods are in the car, they can still fail. Eating and driving at the same time isn’t easy for anyone to do, especially when you inevitably spill something and look down to address the mess.

5. Dealing with your kids.

Parents who have babies and little kids are always on call. There is no downtime just because your kids are strapped into their car seats. They still drop their toys and books, they still demand a snack or your attention. Reaching back and repeatedly looking back to check on your kids puts all of you in danger.

6. Using navigation apps.

Anything that takes your eyes away from the wheel – especially something that demands your concentration like reading a navigation app – is a hazard. And some apps ask more from you than others, like those that encourage you to check in, post police sightings, note a traffic accident, or otherwise engage – when you should be paying attention to your driving.

7. Using Bluetooth.

Bluetooth may be sold as the safest way to use your devices in the car, hands-free. That doesn’t mean they’re attention-free. You still have to push buttons and give directions to get the ball rolling, and that requires you to concentrate on who you’re calling or voice texting instead of focusing on your driving.

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