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Accident With a Big Truck or Commercial Vehicle? What Happens Next.

Accidents that involve commercial vehicles (including big trucks) can be devastating and are often tragic.  There are dozens of potential causes of these accidents and it is crucial that you get an experience truck accident lawyer involved early in the process.  Experts must be retained and inspections of the truck or trucks involved in your accident is critical to proving your case.

Typical Causes of Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Driving Mistakes

Just because commercial vehicle drivers have special training does not mean that they do not make mistakes.  Many drivers literally live on the road and are even more prone to making errors than the normal person driving only an hour or less per day.


Commercial vehicle drivers can become tired or fatigued.  One moment of sleep or drowsiness can lead to tragic consequences.

Road Conditions

Forcing a load to be delivered in less than optimal conditions such as snow, ice, fog or rain can and does lead to accidents especially considering Michigan’s ever changing weather patterns.

Poor Hiring Practices

Trucking companies should be held liable when they hire inexperienced or emotionally incapable drivers and entrust them to handle large loads in large trucks.

Truck Defects

Trucks that are improperly maintained cannot be stopped or properly steered.  This leads to accidents and the trucking company will need to pay for the damage that is caused.

Cargo Errors

Cargo that is not properly secured can cause accidents.  The trucking company is liable for such errors.

What Damages am I Entitled to Under Michigan Law as a Victim of a Big Truck Accident?

Under Michigan law, you are entitled to compensation from the trucking company that caused your accident and injuries.  The types of damages including the following:

Economic Damages

Your ability to work has been taken from you.  You are entitled to your projected income for the remainder of your work life expectancy (until your anticipated retirement date). These numbers can be staggering considering anticipated wage increases etc.  Femminineo Law hires economic loss experts to project these damages into the future so that we may properly present the figures to the trucking company or a jury.

Non-Economic Damages

Under Michigan Law you are entitled to compensation for your pain, suffering, fright, shock, embarrassment, humiliation, depression, stress, anxiety, and permanent disfigurement (scarring).

What Should I Do Immediately Following My Accident?

Of course you should notify your insurance company of the accident within 24 hours of the accident.  You may in fact be required by your insurance company to notify them of your accident within 24 hours of the accident.  Don’t delay.

You will be entitled to the same rights against your insurance company as you normally would following any auto accident in Michigan:

  1. Three years of wages lost at 85% of your gross wage.
  2. Three years of help around the house with normal activities of daily living.  Your helpers will be paid $20 per day for this assistance for up to three years following the accident.
  3. Medical bills that arise out of the accident.  Often, the bills will need to be submitted to your regular medical insurance first and anything not covered would be payable by your auto insurance (this is known as a coordinated medical policy).

What Happens Next?

You should contact Femminineo Law so that our truck accident attorneys may begin working on your case.  It is essential that we get involved early so that we hire the right experts who will investigate and identify the individuals and companies who are at fault and who must pay you money damages for your injuries.  We will take over all of the legal aspects of your case so that you can begin concentrating on recovering from your injuries.  We will make sure that your key concerns are taken care of:

  • Payment of medical bills
  • Payment of wage loss so you can continue to financially survive
  • Identify the liable parties
  • Identify the witnesses
  • Find out what caused your accident
  • Get you the compensation that you deserve

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