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The Multiple Dangers of Road Rage

Road rage comes in all different shapes and sizes. Whether it is a parking lot disagreement over a parking space or a high speed brake checking major highway incident, road rage is very dangerous. Michigan road rage accidents are on the rise and there is no sign of potential decrease.

What Should You Do to Protect Yourself?

If you find yourself involved in a road rage incident in which you are being tailgated or brake checked by a enraged motorist, the first thing you should do is call the police. Stay on the phone with the police while the road rage incident is continuing and listen to the instructions of the trained officer. It is likely that they will tell you to drive to the nearest police station or they may send a police officer your way in an effort to address the road rage situation.

Do Not Get Out of Your Car

If you become involved in an accident with the road rage driver, the first thing you should do is call the police and remain inside of your car. If you exit your vehicle, you are potentially subjecting yourself to a physical confrontation with an enraged individual who has already assaulted you with their automobile. Additionally, it is almost never a good idea to exit your vehicle after a crash unless you were able to get your vehicle pulled into a safe parking area that is far away from any moving vehicles.

Do You Have a Potential Lawsuit Against at Road Raging Driver?

The answer here is not very simple. When we pay for auto insurance we pay for protection for our negligent acts. In other words, if we failed to do what a reasonable person would do (cause an accident), our insurance company will defend us and indemnify us for any injury that we caused as a result of our negligence. In instances of road rage, if the other driver in the accident strikes your car with his car purposefully, or, if the aggressive driver causes the accident by being extra aggressive with their vehicle, then this may go beyond negligence into a purposeful criminal act. If the accident is caused by a purposeful criminal act, the person who committed the crime would likely not be covered by their auto insurance company policy because each and every one of our auto insurance policies excludes criminal acts from the coverages that are available under our policies of insurance. If the insurance company for the driver who caused your accident denies coverage for the accident, you may be left with suing the at fault road rage driver personally which rarely yields positive results.

Protect Yourself. Remain Calm and Courteous on the Roadways.

The best way to avoid road rage is to not aggressively drive and also to not engage an aggressive driver. These situations escalate quickly, and can often have tragic results. So remember:

Deep Breaths.  It is easy to become enraged when someone near you is driving aggressively. Consider getting off at the next exit and getting a water at the nearest gas station to reset your emotions. While you will never regret getting that bottle of water, you might always regret a road rage accident.

Don’t reciprocate.  It is a natural instinct to react rudely to someone who is doing the same to us.  When driving, it is simply too dangerous to reciprocate a rude driving maneuver on another motorist. Let it go….and literally LIVE to see another day.

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