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How to Protect Yourself After a Dog Bite

For most families, your dog is another member of the family. Most dogs are friendly, loyal and even therapeutic. However, when provoked or even unexpectedly, a dog can attack which can lead to serious injuries, scarring or even death.

Dog Bite Facts and Statistics

Every year an estimated 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs in the United States. Many dog bites are minor in nature and require little treatment. However, an estimated 800,000 dog bites are treated with formal medical attention at emergency rooms and urgent cares around the United States each year. Michigan had the fifth largest amount of reported dog attacks in the United States in 2023.

On average, only one percent of dog bites are fatal. However and sadly, children under the age of four account for nearly 1/3 of all fatal dog attacks. The largest number of dog bite deaths are caused by stray dogs (dogs without an owner) who often travel in packs.

Clearly the most dangerous profession for potential dog bites is delivery drivers. These delivery drivers lawfully enter the property and are given the status of “business invitee” when on the premises of a delivery. An estimated 5300 postal workers were bitten by a dog last year. With the proliferation of various delivery services (such as food and grocery delivery services) on the increase since the pandemic, the number of delivery drivers being attacked is also on the rise.

6 Things To Do Following A Dog Bite Injury

Here are some important points to ensure that you receive proper compensation after dog attack:

  1. Make sure to obtain the identity of the dog owner. Often times, dog attacks occur while on a walk or in a public space. Do not allow the dog owner to leave the scene without identifying them. If you do not know who owns the dog or the address at which the dog is kept, then you do not have a case.  That is why it is so important to take a picture of the dog if you are able and take a picture of the drivers license of the person who owned the dog. The drivers license will provide the name and the mailing address of the dog owner. This will be key evidence for your case.
  2. Report the bite to the police. It is important to memorialize your dog bite with solid legal evidence. A police report will do just that. Additionally, if the dog has previously bitten other individuals, it is likely that the dog will be considered by the police or the court to be a dangerous animal and this may just prevent another individual from a dog bite.
  3. Take photos of your injuries. After a dog bite, the healing process will hopefully manifest quickly. It is important to take pictures during the process of healing so that, in the future, a jury can see and therefore understand how painful the healing process was by looking at the photographs of the process.
  4. Get immediate medical attention. Part of the process of memorializing your dog bite is to make sure that you get immediate medical attention so that your dog bite can be proven later. Additionally, medical attention will hopefully minimize future pain and reduce future scarring. Also, the doctor will provide the medications necessary to prevent infections caused by a dog bite.
  5. Do not speak to the adjuster from the insurance company. If you are contacted by an insurance company for the owner of the dog…do not speak to them. They will record your conversations and find ways to make you say things that you might regret later. It is important to be fully advised by an injury attorney, and have your attorney present during any conversations with insurance adjusters, to prevent these mistakes.
  6. Hire the right lawyer. Dog bite cases can be complicated. However, if you hire the right lawyer who has experience representing victims of dog bites, you can leave the legal complications to your lawyer while you concentrate on healing.

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