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Is Negligence the Cause of Your Truck Accident in Wayne County?

When you’re out driving on the road and you come across a big rig, you want to feel confident that the driver is alert and responsible. You want to believe that the truck is well-maintained. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

If you’re the victim of a truck accident in Wayne County because of negligence, you know this all too well. The impact of your accident may be devastating.

You need a truck accident injury attorney now; one with a proven track record of winning cases against trucking companies in Wayne County.

Key Factors in Wayne County MI Truck Accidents

A surprising number of Wayne County truck accidents are the direct result of negligence. In some cases, it’s on the trucker. In others, it’s the trucking company that’s to blame. Occasionally, it could be both.

Many truck drivers receive vigorous training to ensure they’re well-versed in the rules of safe driving. Endless hours on long stretches of highways, however, can leave some of them with dangerous levels of fatigue that are comparable to driving a car under the influence. Thus, it’s not surprising that many truck accidents occur during backing up, turning, or changing lanes.

It’s not just the truck drivers that are to blame though. Trucking companies that don’t perform regular maintenance send their vehicles out with worn tires, broken taillights, and damaged coupling devices. These trucks may also have defective parts that can cause the trucks to malfunction.

Negligent trucking companies looking to make an extra buck are also prone to overloading cargo. This can cause the truck to become unbalanced and increase the risk of an accident.

You Are Entitled Compensation for Your Wayne County Truck Accident Injuries

A truck accident attorney is familiar with the scenario of the negligent trucking company and/or driver. He or she knows how to get you the compensation to which you’re entitled by the State of Michigan.

Whether you’re seeking economic damages because you’re ability to work has been compromised, or non-economic damages that include compensation for struggling with stress, fright, shock, depression, disfigurement, anxiety, etc., having a team of highly skilled truck accident injury attorneys on your side is crucial.

You Need The Best Legal Experts in Wayne County

And you need them as soon as possible. Time is of the essence because your lawyer will need to hire trucking accident expert witnesses who can testify on your behalf that the trucker or trucking company is to blame.

These experts include those who will evaluate the truck to determine any mechanical failings. Others will testify as to the road conditions in Wayne County. Additional witnesses can testify about the medical (mental or physical) condition of the driver.

A truck accident injury lawyer will also contact your doctor to serve as an expert witness to testify about your specific truck accident injury and how it will impact your ability to work.

In addition, they’ll employ the services of an economist to provide testimony in regards to your loss of past and future income in combination with your education, experience, current job, and potential for income growth. A vocational rehab expert can testify about any potential assistance you might need to live and work in your community and what that will cost. Finally, a life care plan expert will give testimony about the future cost of your medical care going forward.

When you’re seeking an expert truck accident lawyer, be sure he or she has all of the above experts available to you. Otherwise, you won’t be getting the most thorough representation you deserve.

Insist on the Most Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer

We know that the physical recovery after a truck accident in Wayne County can take months. The mental and emotional effects can last much longer though. Especially when the trucker or trucking company are to blame.

Your compensation should cover every single loss you’ve experienced. Plus, since there are no damage caps in Wayne County, you want truck accident injury lawyers who will work diligently to get you the maximum amount of compensation possible.

We do exactly that. Don’t hesitate to contact us today. Get started on that road to recovery – Get David Get Paid.

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