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Have You Been Injured in a Car Accident Because of Distracted Driving in Wayne County?

By now, we’ve all heard about the dangers of distracted driving.

Even so, car accident injury attorneys in Michigan continue to deal with an influx of victims of crashes due to distracted driving. Wayne County is no exception to this.

If you’ve sustained a car accident injury in Wayne County because of distracted driving, you are not alone. You’ll definitely want to hire a highly-skilled car accident lawyer to help you navigate this tricky situation.

New Cell Phone Laws in Place in Wayne County Michigan

Research from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found that drivers who are texting are 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash, while those dialing a handheld mobile phone while driving are 12 times more likely.

Given the increasing problems of distracted driving in Wayne County and beyond, legislators instituted a Michigan cell phone law. This law prohibits drivers from texting, talking on the phone, going on social media, or watching videos while driving. (Yes, it’s another unfortunate example of having to legislate common sense.)

The legislation has helped though. According to a joint report by the Governors Highway Safety Association and Cambridge Mobile Telematics, it’s prevented nearly 2,500 crashes, 11 fatalities, and 1,400 injuries since it took effect in June of 2023. Plus, distracted driving has dropped by 9.5% in Michigan.

That doesn’t help you though if you’re already suffering from a car accident injury as a result of distracted driving. What’s worse, insurance claims adjusters are likely employing their own distracting tactics to avoid having to pay out. Regardless of whether it was you or the other driver who was distracted.

How Insurance Companies “Distract” You

Your insurance company will go the extra mile to ensure they pay as little as possible. That is just the reality.

When they hire insurance claims adjusters, they train them to distract you by being incredibly nice. In the aftermath of the stress and chaos you experience after your Wayne County car accident, they’re kind and friendly and chatty. They tell you they know what you’re going through.

What’s wrong with that?

Any attorney who specializes in car accidents will tell you this a ploy to get you to reveal more information about yourself and your accident than is wise to share. Then they will use this information against you to come up with a smaller settlement. Don’t forget, they don’t work for you. They work for your insurance company.

Another distraction tactic they’ll use is to throw out a figure and assure you how generous they’re being; that you’re getting the maximum compensation that your policy allows. The minute you say yes to that amount and get the check, the claim is over. Finished. You can’t revisit it. Regardless of how extensive you may later find your injuries and/or damages are.

You Need Solid Legal Representation in Wayne County

Now is the time to hire an aggressive car accident injury attorney who will fight for you. One who has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for clients by standing up against big insurance companies and gotten them to pay.

In addition, your car accident injury lawyer should understand the inner workings of the Wayne County court system to more effectively get you the compensation you deserve. This includes medical care for injuries sustained in your car accident, lost wages, and damages due to loss of life.

Do not get “distracted” by bargain-priced attorneys. Contact us today to get the representation you deserve for your car accident injury in Wayne County. Don’t settle for less – Get David Get Paid.

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