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Watch Your Step: How to Win Your Michigan Slip and Fall Case

The winter Michigan weather is upon us and with it comes slippery and poorly maintained sidewalks and parking lots. If you’ve had a slip and fall at the negligence of another, you may have a case – but it can be extremely difficult to prove […]


Michigan Auto Accident Fatalities Have Diminished

In this time of economic hardship, the number of Michigan auto accident fatalities has gone down, according to recent data from the Michigan State Police Criminal Justice Information Center. Why does the economy impact auto accident statistics? A higher number of unemployed workers means fewer […]


Your Right to Choose? The Michigan Motorcycle Helmet Law

Your decision to ride a motorcycle is your choice and right, and the mandatory helmet law for motorcyclists in Michigan is one step closer to being repealed. What does this mean for you as a motorcyclist? Soon, it’s possible that whether or not you need […]


Auto Accidents Peak During the 100 Days of Summer

There’s a reason driver’s ed cars are marked as such – this identification provides other motorists with a red flag so they are fully aware of who is a new driver on the highway. But licensed teens don’t drive around with signs on their cars […]


R U Still Txting in UR Car?

Chances are, you don’t even have a mobile device on the seat beside you if you or a loved one has been involved in an auto accident as the result of careless texting by a distracted driver. And now, by law, texting while driving is […]


David Femminineo Wins $300,000 Settlement in Stunning Motorcycle Accident Case

David Femminineo took on the case of motorcyclist Jamie Sheldon, anticipating a cut-and-dried recovery of first- and third-party benefits for the plaintiff. The motorcycle coverage stipulations in no-fault law would work in Sheldon’s favor but, alas, this case become more complicated as one dark layer […]


David C. Femminineo Secures $450K in Overdue Benefits for Deaf Plaintiff

Plaintiff Dan Bailey was involved in a deer-versus-automobile accident from which he suffered severe fractures, ultimately resulting in the amputation of one leg. Communications between the plaintiff, who is deaf, and his insurance company became strained. Finally, 11 years after the accident, Bailey sought the […]


Homemaker Awarded $900K Settlement – David C. Femminineo Proves Future Economic Loss

While stationary at a stop light in Macomb County, the plaintiff was rear-ended by a gravel hauler, resulting in three surgical procedures, post-laminectomy syndrome, failed back syndrome, and a permanent disability rating. At the time of the accident, the plaintiff was a 42-year-old mother of […]


$450K Auto Negligence Settlement Facilitated by David Femminineo

David Femminineo’s client suffered painful neck and shoulder injuries as the result of a collision with a commercial vehicle on Macomb’s 23 Mile Road. Not only did the accident cause permanent physical injuries, it ultimately created financial stress for the plaintiff. He was able to […]


David C. Femminineo Wins $120K Verdict in Auto Negligence Case

The plaintiff in this auto negligence case, represented by Michigan personal injury attorney David C. Femminineo, suffered a herniated disc as the result of a rear-end collision. Michigan Lawyers Weekly features Mr. Femminineo and this case which went to the jury and resulted in a […]


David Femminineo Settles Auto Negligence Suit for $315K

Macomb attorney David Femminineo is featured in Michigan Lawyers Weekly for settling his client’s auto negligence suit, garnering his client compensation in the amount of $315,000. The plaintiff in this Michigan auto negligence case – a passenger in the vehicle that was struck – suffered […]


David Femminineo Settles Third-Party Auto Negligence Suit for $1.4 Million

David Femminineo settled a third-party auto negligence suit for $315,000. A rear-seat passenger in that same accident was in a coma for three weeks as a result of the accident and, after her release from the hospital, required 24-hour home nursing. The plaintiff – who […]


David C. Femminineo Proves Future Wage Loss Is Key to $300,000 Settlement

In this third-party auto accident case, the plaintiff, represented by David C. Femminineo, was violently rear-ended on Michigan’s I-75 by the defendant who was traveling at a high rate of speed. The plaintiff needed to be removed from his car with the “jaws of life” […]

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