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Coronavirus Doesn’t Stop Michigan Car Crashes

Do a Google search for car crashes in the Detroit area during coronavirus and plenty of results will appear. Fatal car accidents. Drunk driving car crashes. They may not seem to be directly related to COVID-19, but they could be. Let’s look at all the possible ways that this deadly virus is impacting safety on Michigan highways, and how you can stay safe.

Drivers Are Distracted

Now more than ever, drivers are distracted behind the wheel. They have so much on their minds, and that’s enough of a distraction alone. But what if they’re texting with someone while driving, talking about school closures or a family member’s health? What if they’re switching stations on the radio to get the latest news update? What if they’re sanitizing their hands instead of having them on the wheel?

Any distractions could lead to one wrong move and one major Michigan car crash.

There Are More Pedestrians

Though people are staying home and away from others, the number of pedestrians is growing because people are going outside to get their exercise because gyms are closed. In areas of the road where you may have rarely encountered a runner or bicyclist or kids, you’re now seeing all the above.

Pedestrians who aren’t used to interacting with traffic put themselves at risk by being out in those areas. Motorists who aren’t used to pedestrians in those areas are at risk.

Motorists Are Intoxicated

You can’t blame people for drinking more than usual in such trying times. But drinking and then driving isn’t OK no matter what the crisis. Whether you’re going to have a glass of wine or an entire bottle, stay home after you’ve drunk it – do not drive drunk under any circumstances.

Drivers Are Rushing

People still need to go out of their homes occasionally to get the things they need. They may attempt to make these trips as quickly as possible. Someone may have a sick loved one who they’re trying to get to the hospital or a doctor visit. As a result, they drive too quickly, cut across lanes, tailgate, or drive aggressively so they can get from point A to B without any interruptions or delays. Unfortunately, these bad driving behaviors increase the likelihood of a car crash.

Roads Are Not as Busy

Today’s empty roads can feel like a dream to motorists who are used to struggling with traffic jams and excessive traffic. As a result, it’s easy to get a little lazy about how you drive. You may neglect to use turn signals, or make an illegal move because there really isn’t anyone around to see you. Speeding is likely and other bad behaviors. Don’t be tempted to dismiss the rules of the road just because you are driving solo much of the time.

If you were involved in a car crash in Michigan, contact personal injury lawyer David C. Femminineo in Macomb County to schedule your consultation. Stay safe out there, be healthy, be well.

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