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David Femminineo Secures $1.4 Million Settlement for Auto Accident Victim

On 24 Mile Road in Michigan, a construction company was pumping water out of a sewer and onto the road during a construction project in November 2015. Part of doing a thorough and safe job such as this, however, is paying close attention to the weather forecast, especially in a state like Michigan where the weather can be extreme. The construction workers, in fact, did not adequately monitor the weather. A sharp drop in temperature turned the water into ice on the road, immediately putting motorists at risk, and leading to an auto accident to one motorist and a life of being disabled. David C. Femmineo secured the accident victim a $1.4 million settlement.

The $1.4 Million Dollar Michigan Auto Accident Case

Construction workers may use signage to warn motorists to slow down or stop when a job is in progress. But these precautions are sometimes not enough. When measures like this don’t hold up – or when they are omitted entirely – who’s to blame if a car accident is the result? Mr. Femminineo’s client drove directly onto what amounted to an unexpected sheet of manmade ice. The resulting accident was severe, and the victim’s surgeon has declared him permanently disabled to work. Someone is to blame for this trauma, which has done more than just physical damage to the victim.

The fallout when recovering from a car accident can be brutal both emotionally and mentally too. You may find yourself incapable of returning to normal life with family, friends, and employers. The people around you can become frustrated and impatient with how your accident injuries have affected you. You may lose your source of income. Life, because of your auto accident, is changed forever.

The Dangers of Construction Zones

Constructions crews have big jobs, big supplies, and big vehicles on their hands. They also have a huge responsibility to take the necessary precautions to prevent auto accidents. If an accident occurs because of worker negligence, the construction company can be held liable.

There are things that motorists can do to try to protect themselves from any car accidents. Slowing down considerably in any construction zone is a place to start. Don’t use your smartphone to pass the time as you sit waiting for the freedom to move through the construction area. The last thing that should be in place in any car is distraction – that epidemic causes more and more auto accidents every day.

David Femminineo Secures a $1.4 Million Settlement – Again

This isn’t the first million-dollar case that has been won by Mr. Femminineo. He has a track record of serving his clients well, and getting them the compensation they deserve after a life-altering auto accident. Mr. Femminineo has single-handedly recovered over $100 million in Michigan auto accident cases and Michigan personal injury cases for his clients.

Not every auto accident case goes to settlement. In some situations, Mr. Femminineo has taken his evidence before a jury and won his clients large settlements for the traumatic and costly events they have endured. If you have been the victim of an auto accident and believe you have a case, get legal support from Michigan auto accident attorney David C. Femminineo in Macomb County. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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