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Move Over: Keep Yourself and Others Safe from Michigan Car Accidents

What do you do when you see an accident on the side of the road or a car pulled over for speeding? Do you slow down to gawk, do you speed on by? Most of all, do you steer clear of the situation? Michigan State Police have begun to enforce the Move Over law, which requires drivers to move over to an adjacent lane when they are approaching any vehicles with flashing or rotating lights that are parked on the roadside. This move is for the safety of all motorists and people at the scene, and helps prevent Michigan car accidents.

The Logic Behind the Move Over Law

While it may seem like common sense to many drivers to move over upon approaching a car to the side of the road, there are still plenty of motorists who choose not to get out of the way. Their excuse may be that they’re minding their own business and focusing on the task at hand, but ignoring the obvious is against the law. And there is sound logic behind the Move Over law:

  • Provides safe clearance so police officers, firefighters, and their vehicles can have clear access to the situation.
  • Creates a one-lane buffer to protect emergency personnel and emergency vehicles from the threat of passing traffic.
  • Allows room for the situation to play out and helps prevent Michigan car accidents simultaneously.

It’s not just collisions with police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks that drivers need to avoid, it’s striking a person on the side of the road, including police officers, paramedics, other emergency responders, tow truck drivers, and civilians. Roadside fatalities at the scene of an accident should never occur.

Even if there is not room or it is impossible to move away from the emergency vehicles by one lane because of traffic, weather conditions, or lack of a second lane, it’s the law to slow down to a reasonable speed or a fixed speed that is below the legal limit.

Threats By and To Michigan Drivers

Seeing how other drivers behave when they approach a precarious situation on the highway can have a domino effect. Assuming this behavior will take place, however, isn’t enough to improve the safety of all roads. Some motorists are more focused on getting to their destination or looking at their smartphone to pay close attention to everything that surrounds them.

This distracted driving is undoubtedly part of the problem. Coming upon an accident scene, or being surprised by an accident because you were looking elsewhere is enough to make a driver swerve in the wrong direction or slam on their brakes. This is enough to cause yet another Michigan car accident.

Moving over on the road is also essential when bicyclists are on the side of the road. You may resent the presence of a cyclist sharing the road, but they have the right to be there, and the law recognizes this.

If you have been the victim of a Michigan auto accident, or you have been affected by a motorist who has not moved over, get legal support from Michigan auto accident attorney David C. Femminineo in Macomb County. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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