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Does a New Smartphone Lead to More Car Accidents?

The launch of a new Apple iPhone typically leads to a mass of frenzied devotees who can’t put down their latest smartphone to give proper attention to everything else in their life – including their driving. But in the state of Michigan, texting while driving is a primary offense, and reading, writing, or sending a text while driving is prohibited.

But what about searching the web? Posting a Facebook update? Reviewing your Pinterest boards? Touch screens and super-fast connections are no excuse for “quickly” checking the email that just came in or reviewing the Twitter alert you just received. Distracted driving leads to fatal auto accidents – one glance away from the road and any number of lives could be impacted.

The All-Pervasive Mobile Device

Studies have shown that distracted driving slows braking and reaction times as much as – if not more than – driving while intoxicated. It’s frightening to think of a drunk driver or a distracted driver separately, let alone the lethal combination of alcohol and phone use.

Our society has turned into an accessible one – people are available 24/7. They sleep with their mobile devices by the bed. Working in the car is just one more element of being on the job all day, every day.  While the facets and abilities of technology are amazing and have propelled business opportunities, careers, and social connections forward, so many people are incapable of unplugging, especially when in the car.

There is a lot of down time while driving. Ask any Michigan commuter or professional who is on the road more than they are in an office chair – phones make the drive a little less tedious. Phones also make the drive that much more dangerous.

Become a Conscientious Driver

Distracted driving is never going away: Parents reach into the backseat to give their child a dropped toy, men fix their ties, women do their makeup, teens fiddle with their iPod’s connection to the auto’s sound system. Until the time when legislation is written and passed to control all cell phone usage while driving, be conscientious of your choices in the car. If a text is that important, pull over to read it. If you have children in the car, put the phone in your bag or the glove box and don’t touch it until you put your vehicle in park and turn it off. At the very least, get a hands-free device if there is a call you must take while driving.

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