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The $11.5 Million Personal Injury Case: David Femminineo Garners Highest Reported Settlement in the State of Michigan for 2014

Traumatic brain injury victims suffer greatly, and many of them encounter trials in nearly every aspect of their daily life. Even a mild brain injury can be life-changing. Having a qualified personal injury attorney like David C. Femminineo on your side can make all the difference in receiving the financial support you need to help you get through each day.

It was a traumatic brain injury case that earned Mr. Femminineo his #1 spot in Michigan Lawyers Weekly’s recent round-up of million-dollar verdicts and settlements of 2014. In July 2014, Mr. Femminineo’s ongoing, traumatic brain injury, 24-hour attendant care case garnered the highest-reported settlement in the state of Michigan for $11.5 million.

Mr. Femminineo represented a plaintiff who sustained a traumatic brain injury in an auto accident that occurred when he was five years old. He has required constant care his entire life since the trauma occurred. The auto no-fault insurer sought to negotiate a total buyout of the plaintiff’s benefits, including the monthly payment of lifetime benefits that are consistent with the existing payments.

However, thanks to Mr. Femminineo’s tenacity and thoroughness, raises for the plaintiff’s anticipated medical needs, as well as for the plaintiff’s service providers, will occur each and every year for the remainder of his life. The payments will increase every year pursuant to an agreed-upon payment schedule. The escalating benefits are guaranteed for the life of the plaintiff.

Mr. Femminineo has a solid reputation for single-handedly recovering millions of dollars for his clients, whether they are victims of auto accidents or medical malpractice. Traumatic brain injury cases are complex, but with the proper handling they can be won and, ultimately, safeguard the futures of people who struggle to live normal lives.

Dealing with the aftereffects of a traumatic brain injury or other physical limitation because of an auto accident? Make your appointment with David C. Femminineo today to discuss your case.

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